Dóra Bakucz

Translator, Teacher of Literature and Translation

Budapest (Hungary)

From March 9 to March 17, 2020

Biography —

Dóra Bakucz lives in Budapest, Hungary, she is a translator, has a PhD degree in Cultural Sciences and works as a teacher of Literature and Translation at the Catholic University Pázmány Péter of Budapest. She translates from Catalan and from Spanish into Hungarian, and has translated also novels, short stories and poems from Hungarian into Catalan in collaboration with other translators; she organises every year a workshop of translation (Hungarian-Catalan) at the House of the Translator of Hungary, at Balatonfüred. Some of her more important translations from Catalan literature: Mercè Rodoreda (El carrer de les Camèlies), Pere Calders (short stories), Quim Monzó (Guadalajara), Sánchez Piñol (La pell freda, Pandora al Congo). She translates also theatre plays, from authors like Jordi Galceran or Sergi Belbel.

Project at Faber —

The aim that takes me to the Residence Faber is double: on the one hand, with other Hungarian translators we want to prepare a sample of contemporary Catalan literature for a magazine of universal literature, selecting texts of several genres: poetry, narrative, theater. This time I’ll work with theatre plays because my other aim is to continue working with the texts that have cried me the attention thanks to a meeting of translators of theater and Catalan dramatists organised by the Institute Ramon Llull and the Sala Beckett in October of 2019.