David Manderson


Glasgow (Scotland, UK)

24 October 6 November 2016

Biography —

David Manderson (Glasgow, 1955) is a writer of fiction and non-fiction. He has been involved with the writing scene in Scotland for over thirty years. He ran the Real to Reel Short Film Festival at the Glasgow Film festival for eight years and founded the creative writing magazine Nerve. A graduate of the creative writing programme at Glasgow university, his debut novel Lost Bodies (Kennedy and Boyd, 2011) was greeted with acclaim. His follow-up book The Glass Half Full: Moving Beyond Scottish Miserablism (Luath, 2014), co-authored with leading director Eleanor Yule, played an active and controversial role in the lead-up to the Scottish referendum. He has also published stories, articles and essays in Scottish and international anthologies. He is currently working on a second novel, among other projects.

Project —

The project to be developed at Faber is the second draft of the novel Undertow (working title). A literary psychological thriller which has been in development for two years, it has reached a crucial point where a 100,000 word text, written through many preliminary drafts, will now be refined into a fast-paced but character-driven narrative that enthrals the reader and takes her on a journey through its dark heart to a kind of redemption. The task is to focus the reader’s attention on the central storyline: the journey of an innocent young man into a dangerous and brief adulthood.

I believe that through this work and many earlier attempts to write this story, I am now within touching distance of completing. My work at Faber Residency will give me the chance to shape what I have into the finished version, requiring only final edits and polishes.