Daria Gavrilova

Journalist and researcher


From 18 to 22 May 2017

Biography —

Russian journalist and a PhD student at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Her research is related with the freedom of speech that the new digital media struggle to exercise in Putin’s Russia.

In Russia she worked with various media, many of them online-based. Among those are Kommersant, one of the biggest publishing houses in Russia, known for its business and politics reporting. Afisha, a publishing house that issues a range of media dedicated to life in Moscow. Wonderzine, an online-only magazine, dedicated to the topics of women’s rights and modern feminism. She also participated in creating a book, History of Russian Media 1989-2011, published in 2011 by Afisha publishing house.

In 2012 Daria moved to Spain, where she obtained a Master’s in audiovisual journalism at Madrid’s Complutense University. She now lives in Barcelona, working on a PhD in social sciences.

Project —

I am currently working on a PhD investigating the relations of power and online media in Putin’s Russia: how do opposition, government control and censorship operate in the digital environment. In my work, I look on communication in Russia from historical, political and social points of view, taking into account public sentiments and social movements and rebellion. I choose to focus on the online media, because in the 21st century the Internet has become a major source of news and, as in 2017, a primary political battlefield.