Cristina Fernández

Secondary school teacher


From 4 to 9 april 2017

Biography —

Secondary school teacher and student of the PhD program in didactics of literature and interdisciplinary arts pedagogy of the University of Girona. Her research is focused on the didactics of literature. Currently, she is exploring the possibilities that offer the connections between poetry and movement. In 2016, she participated in BIBAC Conferences at the University of Cambridge where she presented the paper “Dancing words. A didactic experience”.

Project —

During my stay in the Faber Residency, I will work on the design of didactic proposals that will include both poetry and movement. Those will become new materials for my workshops of poetic creativity. I will also dedicate some time to writing the theoretical part of my PhD.

Finally, I would like to establish a dialogue with the other residents and pose to them a central question of my research that is: can movement be a facilitator of words?