Cristina Calderón Puig

Visual artist and teacher of Arts in Institut Obert de Catalunya


From April 21 to April 29, 2020

Biography —

Throughout her career she has developed issues related to the domestic space, the family environment and the interpersonal relationships that are generated in it; the daily scenes as a container of experiences, territory of subjective staging, turning “the house” into stage, set, continent and content.
In her most recent work, artistic production becomes an experimental laboratory on new communication models. She explores technologies that allow spreading the work of art beyond the museum space or that of traditional art galleries.

Her internationally exhibited projects have received awards: Pilar Juncosa and Joan Miró Foundation, Ramon Llull Foundation, Premio Generaciones de Caja Madrid, Premi d’Art Jove Generalitat de Catalunya, Thambos, Premio de Artes Plásticas del Gobierno de Cantabria… that support her artistic career.

Project at Faber —

During my stay at Faber want to complete the survey and the theoretic body of my next exposition: “An own landscape”.
I would want to study and deepen on relative aspects at the post-naturalism, the interaction among culture and Nature, as well as synthetic biology, for such to articulate a creative proposal. Do several readings, collect fonts, arguments and descriptions that end to configure the sculptures and videos of the ensemble.

On the other hand, I want to deepen at the operation of canals of streaming, as well as software of edition of video at real time for such to show, at the mesh at real time, the exposition that will be sited and related since my own particular domicile.