Celia Castellano

Freelance Journalist

Valencia (Spain)

From September 24 to September 30, 2018

Biography —

Celia Castellano is a freelance journalist currently based in Barcelona. She is member and responsible for communication of SomAtents and she’s a regular contributor to La Directa newspaper and Diari Public. She also has worked to El Periódico de Catalunya and her work has been published at Vice, La Marea, Ariet and Pikara Magazine. Currently, she is developing several projects about social and ethnical conflicts in the eastern Europe and is exploring the relation between football and conflicts. 

Castellano is graduated in journalism and took a master’s degree of Contemporanean History, from Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

Project —

During the days of residence at the Faber, together with the photojournalist Carlos Palacio, we will work on a project of segregation of ethnic minorities in the Balkans and prepare a new course on the importance of the joint work of the editor and the photographer in the chronicle. Independently, I will work on the new SomAtents Communication Plan that will face a new phase of the project next year.