Cathy Walsh



From March 20 to March 28, 2018

Biography —

Cathy Walsh is a choreographer, performer, and lighting technician from Ireland, based in Berlin. She holds a BA in Theatre Studies from University College Cork, an MA in Contemporary Dance from the University of Limerick, and a post-graduate in Ensemble Performance Practice from Queen’s University Belfast. Her work focuses on improvisation, conversation, intimacy, and collaboration with the audience. She is currently interested in investigating concepts of Time, national identity and the politics of touch. She has an ongoing one to one performative spooning practice called SpoonTalk. She has performed and presented work all over Ireland, Europe, the U.S and China. She is currently collaborating with dance artist Maria Svensson on a new duet, to be performed in Ireland this year.

Project —

The project is the same for all of the residents of Dance period: Léxico, understanding in the unknown. An international collaboration between dance artists who speak different languages to create a new performance together.