Carlos Lizarbe de Luis

Deputy headmaster in CIFP Don Bosco

Errenteria (Basque Country)

From May 11 to May 14, 2018

Biography —

Electronics teacher in Vocational Training. Committed to both technological and methodological innovation in vocational training. A member of the Gutenberg3D group, we also organize a scientific and technological project competition, the DB-Sariak.

In 2012 we created the first 3D printing laboratory in a VET center in the Basque Country (Ikaslab). Subsequently, another 15 centers joined the initiative, and we are currently coordinating this network.

I am a member of Enabling the future and we have made several prostheses for children and in 2016 we received the award for best practice in a VET school in the Basque Country.

Currently, our teaching staff at the Centre is working on the VT-IC Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence and we are immersed in a process of methodological change towards education in values and skills through learning based on intermodal challenges.

Project —

During my stay, I was interested in sharing experiences on methodological innovation in the STEAM environment. I am interested in working on the newest graphic programming languages that bring electronics and robotics closer to the smallest ones. I am also interested in working on the incorporation of women in the industrial technological fields. However, it is important to work on the concept of network’s collaborative work.