Bill Richardson

Academic and writer

Galway (Ireland)

From September 19 to October 3, 2019

Biography —

Bill Richardson is Emeritus Professor in Spanish at the National University of Ireland Galway. He has published books and articles on Spanish and Latin American literature and culture, as well as on Translation and Linguistics. He is a specialist in the work of the Argentinean writer, Jorge Luis Borges, and an expert on literary spatiality; in 2012, he published the book Borges and Space (Peter Lang). He is one of the joint authors of Contemporary Spain (Routledge, 2016), and co-editor of Spaces of Longing and Belonging: Territoriality, Ideology and Creative Identity in Literature and Film (Brill, 2019).

Project at Faber —

During my Faber residency, I will continue to work on a project in which I examine what the writings of the great twentieth-century author, Jorge Luis Borges, can teach us about the role of the librarian in the modern world. Borges worked as a librarian and was for some time Director of the National Library of Argentina. His stories and other writings explore issues of relevance to our understanding of how libraries work and underlying questions around the nature and location of knowledge and the meaning of books and writing. I look forward to exploring these topics in the company of others with similar interests at Olot.