Bernat Ruiz Domènech

Designer, communication adviser and professor


7 to 11 February 2017

Biography —

He has worked as an industrial designer and interior designer, creative director for the advertising agency Sintagma, editor of corporate publications Abertis Infraestructuras SA (2008-2014), professor of Master in Digital Edition IPECC at the University of Alcalá (2013 -2014).
He is currently an international professor of Master Edition at Diego Portales University (Santiago de Chile), professor of Escola de Llibreria de Barcelona and also the coordinator of Hieronymus project.
An important part of his professional activity is advising in communication to institutions and small businesses.
He regularly participates as a trainer, speaker and moderator in different events related to the digital book and publishing industry. He frequently collaborates with Núvol, Catalan digital cultural magazine and other cultural publications.

Project —

The project Hieronymus, analysis for the conversion of the book world, is an initiative promoted by the Guild of Booksellers of Catalonia and the School of Library and School of Library and Information(Universitat de Barcelona), ​​which has the aim of analyzing the book sector in Catalonia and contribute to its commercial and industrial restructuring.
All publishing world powers –and Catalonia is one– are being converted commercially and industrially.
Catalan culture is not a culture of large quantities but our market access in Spanish gives us an opportunity to grow and compete as publishing power, industrial and commercial scale.