Aristofanis Soulikias


Montreal (Canada)

From January 17 to January 31, 2018

Biography —


Aristofanis Soulikias has studied architecture at McGill University, and holds an MA in Conservation Studies from the University of York, UK.  After having worked as an architect in Greece and the UK for several years on heritage buildings and on sustainable urbanism, he returned to his native Montreal to learn the art of film animation at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, eager to tell stories about the built environment, its social impact, and more. He prefers the traditional under-lit silhouette technique, which he used for his award-winning film, Last Dance on the Main, a documentary on the endangered urban fabric of Montreal’s centre. His research focus is now on the junction between urbanism and film animation, and how the latter, as an art form, can better express the former’s less represented and intangible facets.

Project —

During the residency, I will make use of my time in Olot, by studying it as a prototype of a medium-sized city, and by collecting information on its various historic layers, its numerous traces of development over time, the way the city is used by its residents, as well as its relationship to its surrounding urbanity and nature. I aspire in gathering enough material which will form the basis of a new film animation project.