Anne D. McCullogh

Urban Planner and Community Organizer

South St. Louis, Missouri (USA)

From January 18 to January 31, 2018

Biography —

Anne McCullough is a community organizer and cultural producer specializing in creative strategies that incite community empowerment, activate public space and address social issues. Her passion lies in facilitating community-focused cultural initiatives and establishing sustainable collaborations between different sects of people. Her researched is centered on the individual and collective creative action of individuals, artists and organizations in the context of urban development and process of community. In the professional fields of community development, urban planning and adventure travel, Anne has held several multifaceted roles, working in complex natural and urban environments. Anne holds a Master’s of Urban Planning and Development from Saint Louis University. She is a fellow of the Regional Arts Commission Community Arts and Training Institute. Anne continues to build her creative practice through documentary photography. Anne has led adventure tours across the continental United States and is a steward of canoe expeditions on the Mississippi River.

Project —

My time at Faber will be spent reflecting on the work I do, writing and researching on urban social movements and documenting my experience through photography. I hope to examine the processes that produce, sustain and dissolve the contingent patterns of solidarity that lie at the basis of what “community” can mean on a global scale, I will do this through cross-cultural dialogue, roundtable discussions and writing. This residency will give me the insight to respond more thoughtfully, intentionally and strategically to address complex social problems I face, in the work I do.