Andrés Nef

Journalist freelance

Vidreres (la Selva, Girona)

From September 17 to September 23, 2018

Biography —

Journalist and Writer, correspondent update from El Mundo to Girona. He has also worked as a collaborator with FUET MAGAZINE in the former delegation of the public newspaper to Barcelona. He will also be one of the winners of the first MECOPH award with Prostíbulo SL novel, one month of the winning reporter of the RUTA BACARDI MURMANSK 2008. Degree in Journalism (UAB) and diploma in Literary Journalism at MECOPH. He is also an antique dealer for the SomAtents journalistic action collection.

Project —

During the stay and together with the former students of MeCoPH I will begin to channel some way of collaboration to generate a network of literary journalism with shared projects.