Andrea M. Vásquez Fernández

PhD Researcher


From March 5 to March 18, 2018

Biography —

UBC Profile

Andrea is a Quechua-descendent Peruvian PhD student in the University of British Columbia. Andrea has a B.Sc. in Forestry Engineering from Peru’s National Agrarian University of La Molina and a MSc. in interdisciplinary studies from Canada’s University of British Columbia.

Andrea has been invited by community members to form an alliance with the Asheninka and Yine-Yami peoples, two Pueblos Originarios in the Peruvian Amazon. She is a part of a pluri-cultural research team, which is also formed by Raúl Sebastián (Yine-Yami community member), María Shuñaqui and Miriam Perez (both Asheninka community members).

Using Indigenous theories and methodologies in a power-shared research, the research team is committed to conduct collaboratively a community-led research that focuses in defining from Asheninka’s and Yine-Yami’s perspectives how western [and westernized] societies should behave when interacting with them and their territories —places called home— vis-à-vis extractive industries.  

Project —

Worldwide is encouraged the argument of mutual respect to promote peace, dialogue, and understanding. The term mutual would imply that the parts involved have a common practice/understanding of respect. However, there is one dominant approach of respect (laws, policies, programs and institutions’ practice) imposed on the rest of the civilizations. This approach is based on 1700s-1800s foundational ideas proposed by Immanuel Kant. He is the principal referent in modern thought about respect. The research team and collaborators are interested in articulate and co-create pluri-cultural perspectives/protocols of respect based on Asheninka and Yine-Yami perspectives and work toward an intercultural respect.