Ana Maria Caballero

Journalist and Editor

Barcelona (Spain)

From September 21 to September 25, 2018

Biography —

Ana M. Caballero (Tarragona, 1988) is a journalist and editor. Graduated in Journalism with the Extraordinary end of studies prize, she studied at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires and the Karlova V University in Prague.  In 2013, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Communication, Journalism and Humanities from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and was awarded the 1st UAB-MECOPH Literary Journalism Prize, of which she was a member of the jury in the second edition. As a result of this award, her work “Enpetrol, 1987” was published in the volume Cuando encuentres a Malinowski y otros relatos de periodismo literario (Editorial Base, 2014).

Her journalistic career has been spent in the newsrooms of various media outlets such as Cuatro, CNN+, Barcelona Televisió, Radio Praga, etc. She has also collaborated in several cultural magazines, taught at the Escola de Lletres of Tarragona and was a member of the platform of young creators La pell del llavi. She currently works as an editor for the Grijalbo label of Penguin Random House Publishing Group.

Project —

During my stay at Faber I will collaborate in a collective project with the aim of creating a network of narrative journalism. I will also participate as a speaker in a round table discussion with the finalists of the UAB-MECOPH Literary Journalism Prize. I will also have the opportunity to visit primary and secondary schools to offer creative writing workshops and seminars on the construction of the story in journalistic reporting. Faber Residency gives me the opportunity to develop a new project of narrative journalism that is still in its infancy.