Allan Cameron

Writer, translator, publisher


29 January to 9 February 2017

Biography —

Allan Cameron has written two novels, The Golden Menagerie and The Berlusconi Bonus, and one non-fiction book, In Praise of the Garrulous. Also, he has written two collections of short stories, Can the Gods Cry? and On the Heroism of Mortals. On the other hand, he has translated 24 books from Italian, and his two collections of poetry, Presbyopia and A Barrel of Dried Leaves.

In 2008 he set up a new publishing house called Vagabond Voices. One of the reasons for the new publishing house was to increase the number of translated literary works in English.

Project —

At Faber I will try to link up with Catalan publishers and writers: Vagabond Voices is a publisher based in Glasgow (Scotland) and publishes translated novels, novels originally written in English, political polemics, poetry and plays. Apart from the translated novels, most of the authors are resident in Scotland, and we are therefore very much involved in the debate around independence and the maintenance of our languages. This is one of the reasons for seeking links with Catalan publishers and writers, and more widely with Catalan culture.

On the other hand, I would like to work on my novel, Cinico. Travels with a Good Professor at the time of the Scottish Referendum.