Alessandra Romeo

Architect, Landscape Architect, Artist and Human Being

Sicily (Italy)

From January 10 to January 23, 2018

Biography —


Alessandra Romeo is an Architect and Landscape Architect – PhD in Landscape Architecture at the University Mediterranean of Reggio Calabria. She worked at Bet Figueras Studio in Barcelona. She has been visiting scholar at Penn Design in Philadelphia (USA), she has collaborated with the Landscape Observatory of Catalunya for an european pilot project to teach Landscape Culture at the primary schools. She is the founder partner of GAP Studio in Sicily, the major interest of her work is landscape design and education. Her interest and research are focused on the perception of the landscape (urban or natural) children have, trying to experiment a specific educational area for the children’s culture of landscape and place it in associative relationship with other subjects and disciplines —art, geography, history— and underlining the potential of the ephemeral project as an educational instrument.  

Project —

During my stay at Faber I will be working on a workshop to be realised in a school in Olot about children’s landscape perception, I will try to create a relation between their imagination, the space where they live – Olot – and some pieces of literature. I would like to explore their thoughts about the urban space and the natural context, most of all I would like lead them to give shape to their thoughts about the city, through drawings and colours, and to collect their words and phrases about the magic they are able to see and to perceive.