A. Flor Salatino

Multimedia Engineer


From April 23 to April 27, 2020

Biography —

Personal Website

She is a Multimedia Engineer based in Barcelona. She is currently working at Indissoluble as creative coder and as CTO of NUSHU’s project at Minushu. She loves to work in multidisciplinary teams where she can learn about art, creativity and technology. That’s why she has participated in Seamles Interaction Group (La Salle Campus BCN), presenting “Beat as One” (Sónar+D 2016), in EU Mobile Challenge 2014 and 4YFN 2015, in SIC – Sónar+D 2018. She has also created the artwork METRON (Festival Visual Brasil 2019, Sónar+D 2019, artistic residence Protopixel and exhibit at Santlluc – Barcelona). 

She would like to keep learning from different projects and discovering new ways of merging art and technology.

Project at Faber —

Nowadays, I’m developing a project called “¿Improvisamos?”. The idea is to offer multidisciplinary workshops and performances where the participants can learn and live experiences, where we center in developing our emotional intelligence. The objective is that the participants can transfer this knowledge to their routine. Creating a common space, where professionals and amateurs establish horizontal relationships between them. 

During my stay at Faber, I’m going to do research on the cultural activities that exist in Olot, in order to understand if an event like this could be of interest to this town.