Montse Barderi | Can Trona | March 21, 2019

Taking advantage of our fruitful stay in Faber, where we had all the peace and availability of time to advance a lot in our projects, we took advantage of the afternoon of March 21 to make a presentation at Can Trona, in la Vall d’En Bas.

Thanks to Laura Canalias, director of Can Trona; Catalina Sellas Güell, president of the women’s association Alba de la Garrotxa and Drac Bookshop of Olot. Catalina made a great presentation sealing her favourite women in the book.

As she was lucky enough to be accompanied from Faber by Natasha Tanna, a teacher from Cambridge, I asked her to explain her studies and projects to us. A Cambridge teacher who speaks Catalan so well and who studies Catalan literature through figures like Maria-Mercè Marçal, was to have a unique woman very close by and we couldn’t miss her!