Faber Residency

Today the fourth period of this year starts, this one about new journalism. Two weeks, until 30 May, in which 21 journalists is coming to Faber to work on new directions that journalism is taking. We want to outline, to describe and to explain the changes that have happened in this area, to investigate why it is vàlid, to call it into question and to see how we are affected by new  forms of transmission and reproduction of information. Thats’s why we suggest qüestions as: what are the roads open for journalism in the XXI century? It is true that journalism is coming to its end or is it just the beginning? How can we guarantee the fundamental human rights of access to information and representation for everyone in the Internet age? What is knowledge, how is it generated and how is it managed at present?
We will talk about this and more in several talks, conferences, roundtables and workshops that journalists residents at Faber is going to do in schools, institutes and cultural centres, in Olot and out of Olot. They will also be able to discuss in the context of open days that Faber has organised with Amikal Wikimedia for journalists residents and all públic interested in. Open days will be 18, 19, 20 and 27 May.