New residence in Faber: dance professionals

The third year stay has begun. This time we have in Faber nine residents of the dance field, taking advantage of the Sismògraf Festival in Olot. All these residents will be in Faber nearly a month, until 10th April working in their professional projects.

Between these professionals there is Colectivo Lamajara, formed by Reinaldo Ribeiro (Rio de Janeiro), Daniel Rosado (Spain) and Paloma Hurtado (Spain), who arae preparin their perfomance Labranza, in which they relate land and people. On 22th April will perform this performance in Sismògraf Festival with a group of voluntaries who have been participating in workshops. And, finally, Lamajara will perform a smaller format of the same performance  in Besalú (25th March), les Planes d’Hostoles (1th April) and la Vall d’en Bas (7th April).

Greta Bernotaite (Lithuania) is an interdisciplinary artist, dancer and choreographer, who is working these days on creating a solo performance. The project holds a question if movement is limited by spaces and cities or can freedom of expression exist just anywhere? Bernotaite is giving a dance workshop to Secondary students in Cor de Maria (Olot).

Ibis Albizu (the Basque Country),  PhD in Philosophy by the Complutense University of Madrid. Graduated in Ballet by the Royal Academy of Dance, will do double work: investigation and dance critic. Her intention is to investigate the concept of nature present in the choreographic proposals of residents. Albizu will do a talk to students of Castell d’Estela institute (Amer).

Meagan O’Shea (Canada), contemporary dance-theatre artist, is creating a feminist re-visioning of James Bond exploring misogyny, rape culture, violence and hero worship while in residency at Faber. 

Teresa Fazan (Poland) is a dance and theatre crític; she studies the relations between the theory of art, aesthetics, and phenomenology. During her stay in Faber, she wants to prepare a critical paper about the process of creative work of the company in the residence, as well as analyzing practices used during the rehearsals. Fazan will do a workshop in Escola Pia (Olot).

Lior Lazarof  (Israel)  is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and a dance educator. During her stay in Faber she will work on a new dance piece which she will with the students of Malagrida institute (Olot). 

Cristina Fernández (Catalonia) is secondary school teacher and student of the PhD program in didactics of literature and interdisciplinary arts pedagogy of the University of Girona. During her stay in Faber, she will work on the design of didactic proposals that will include both poetry and movement.

The Faber team is glad to holding all of you, and we are sure that you will know how to take advantage to the maximum of your stay. Welcome!

Photo by Faber