Laurence Estanove | Researcher, writer and teacher

Staying at Faber was such an amazing opportunity for me. It was my first residence and the conditions were just ideal: everything is made so that you can fully focus on your work. The Faber team are amazing people who made me feel at home from the minute I arrived, the hotel staff was very friendly and helpful, and the surroundings are peaceful and perfect for some energizing walks. Walking to the top of volcanoes was perfect for when I was facing some difficulties in my writing. I was able to make significant progress on my current project not only because I had time to devote to it without having to think of anything else, but also thanks to the exchanges with the other residents. Although not in the same field, we were able to share our work with each other and to me that was an incredibly inspiring experience. It gave me confidence in what I was doing and triggered new exciting perspectives of writing which I wasn’t anticipating.