Nina Carlsson and Charo Reyes | Consorci d’Acció Social de la Garrotxa | October 25, 2019

Nina Carlsson and Charo Reyes visited the Consorci d’Acció Social of Garrotxa for discussing minority and majority languages in schools and prospectives for new linguistic / pedagogical approaches, such as plurilingualism. They talked about what linguistic integration means and how linguistic discrimination never occurs in isolation from other discriminations. They also reflected on the fact that approaching language from a plurilingual perspective may facilitate the inclusion of students and families with immigrant origin, thereby overcoming the dichotomy between minority / majority languages.

They began with an activity where the participating professionals read and reflected on statements that are often heard when it comes to incorporating languages of families with immigrant origin in schools. They shared which ones they identified, either having expressed them themselves or having heard them. After the activity, perspectives for a more profound understanding of linguistic concepts and experiences in migratory processes were presented.

The presentation allowed space for reflections by the attendants in a flexible manner and enabled a debate where several experiences were shared by the professionals, including worries and doubts.