Kasimma Chinelo | Meeting with Marta Ayala and Tina Ruiz (CASG) | November 4, 2019

What touched me the most about my discussion with Martha and Tina is the deep concern they have about the Gambian immigrants in Olot. Though I wish I had heard about that earlier, I am still willing to lend my voice to their course. 

They expressed enthusiasm for my work. They were happy to hear that I have already written a short piece about a young Spanish woman in Olot. 

We discussed gender inequality in Nigeria. It is a shame that in contemporary Nigeria, women are still told to limit their dreams or they would scare men away. It is still a shame that divorcees are stigmatized. The list goes on. Women are beginning to rise to the challenge. The world will be a welcoming home for women someday. I believe this.

Writing is the window through which the generations yet unborn can see the life we lived. There is nothing that stories cannot change. Look at the stories in the Bible, and how much they control the world now. They are stories! Yet, you can hardly breathe without being referred to the Bible.

Art is how we document history. Art cannot be swept under the carpet. Writing, stories, will make the world a better place. The least I can do is write one.

If we do not know where we come from, how do we claim to know who we are? The choice is ours: learn from history or repeat its mistakes.