Alfred Vernis | Olot Town Hall | January 30, 2019

Listening to and learning from people and organizations working for the development of the local world is an inexhaustible source of knowledge. DinàmiG is a public agency that is dedicated to helping people and organizations in the Garrotxa to have more opportunities. In the field of social innovation has initiated two projects from the proposals of agents in the territory. The first has to do with climate change, and is a project to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in the old town of Olot. It is an innovative project that already exists in California, and that under the leadership of Olot City Council will be done in our country. The second has to do with young people who drop out of school. Under the leadership of La Fageda we want to develop a school of second chances. These are two good examples that have emerged from La Garrotxa and that other people and organizations will surely be able to learn. Good luck, DinàmiG.