Clara Nubiola | Artist and illustrator

From the Observatori del Paisatge de Catalunya, to help form part of the group of people that last the month of generation, to be in the Faber Residence Hall. The theme was urbanism, I perceived the mental limit of the voice and the enthusiast. I only need one hour and a half by car to go from Barcelona, my usual city, to Olot, where there is Faber Residency. But the perception of letting go of little routines, the family and the countryside will be great. The opportunity to spend a week working without interruptions, in a special setting, at my own pace, with a project that is more enthusiastic and which, two days before I inaugurate it, more enthusiastic, has followed fantastically. I wanted to live”the Faber experience” but for me was specially important to live the city. With a project in mind, I proposed myself to walk along all the streets of Olot in order to create a subjective report about the city, in order to be able to see the city every day during the five days that the project is going to last. Days of 15 kilometers of corpses each day, days that allow us to discover, palpate, see the city of Olot and at the same time, to come back on afternoon, shelter to the residence, with the views of the Garrotxa in my windows to order, to classify, to think about the accumulated material during the day.

All this with the surprise of sharing the residence with beautiful people who, like me, work and think of the urbanization from many different sources. With them sharing a great deal of effort and the best soups, I hope that our contact will live on thanks to all the technologies that make it possible today. Thank you so much, too, to all the people who make possible Faber Residency. From the first day I realized how their membres love this project. Long live Faber and, of course, see you soon. Thanks for all, sincerely.