Faber, the Arts, Sciences and Humanities Residency of Catalonia in Olot, has received more than forty librarians taking part in the Bibliowikis (LibraryWikis) initiative. Spearheaded by Amical Wikimedia, it seeks to make Wikipedia more accessible to the public and professionals in libraries. With the presence of Carme Fenoll, Head of the Government of Catalonia’s Library Service, and Àlex Hinojo, project leader at Amical Wikimedia and Faber resident in January, the librarians held their annual meeting in the Faber facilities over the course of this Friday morning.

Wikipedia and libraries share the same mission, namely, to facilitate access to knowledge. The Bibliowikis project is an initiative run by Amical Wikimedia which, together with the Government of Catalonia’s Library Service and other library networks in Catalonia, seeks to make Wikipedia and its sister projects more accessible to the public and professionals in libraries. The project began in 2012 and there are now more than 200 active libraries on Wikipedia.

Just like on Wikipedia, the project’s structure has a great deal of flexibility. Among all the possibilities for collaboration, each library chooses the activity or project that best adapts to their circumstances and environment, which span from directly editing on Wikipedia to organising a small workshop on Wiki editing for users to photography and documenting monuments in the municipality. In addition, joint projects between the libraries are organised from time to time.

Faber hosts the annual meeting of Bibliowikis in accordance with one of its lines of action, which is attracting talent and encouraging interaction. In this regard, Francesc Serés, director of the residency, extended a warm welcome to the meeting’s participants and explained the Faber project. The Faber residents themselves subsequently met up with those in attendance to afford them a first-hand insight into Faber’s day-to-day activities.