Aula d’Escriptura, Gerona

Monday 2 February, 7 pm

Valerie Miles will explain that a first reading of Roberto Bolaño’s archive material reveals that he wrote in a disciplined manner for almost twenty years and hardly published any work. Applying his method of constant recycling, the undergrowth of his creative world grew, becoming increasingly richer and denser. She will describe how Bolaño penned an idea or perceived an image or instantly captured a metaphor and rewrote it differently, perhaps in verse, splitting a column in two or turning a poem into prose, consciously shaping and sculpting. He also wrote from visual stimuli, paintings, sculptures and photographs and even the dance of Martha Graham. Miles will review some of these hidden elements in the work of Bolaño, which – she affirms – contribute to that famous magnetic quality in his prose, like a field of reflections with a familiar perspective.