Escola Pia, 6th April

Teresa Fazan gave the students a short informal lecture about the dance critique. She explained what the dance critique is, what are the tools of a critic, why are the dance performances both interesting and difficult to write about. We talked about the differences between dance critique and other forms of critique –literature, visual arts and theatre. She showed students few fragments from different dance performances: classical and contemporary ballet, modern dance and postmodern dance (two versions of Romeo and Juliet: the classic one, performed in Royal Opera House in London, and the modern one, choreographed by Sasha Waltz). After watching the excerpts, she talked about the most important elements of a dance performance and she explained the major differences between each dance types. They were looking for the components that can be interesting for someone who is writing a critic review of a performance. After the lecture students asked questions concerning both the craft or the artists (dancers, choreographers) and the critics.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Teresa, and thank you once again, Escola Pia!

Photos by Martí Albesa