Margarita Khartanovich | Escola Pia (Olot) | 23 May 2017

Margarita Khartanovich gave the students a 1-hour lecture on whether a blogger can be considered a profession nowadays and what the best ways are to use the Internet to build a successful career. She started by asking the audience what the Internet actually was and continued with the explanation that the Internet means three things: Access, Networks, Communication. It is a career resource library, an opportunity marketplace, a space for the exchange of social capital and, finally, a democratic media channel through which individuals and groups can communicate their interests and concerns to the wider world, raise their profiles and manage their reputations. She underlined that the majority of students miss the real benefits of the Internet and rather spend time surfing it and procrastinating. They waste a lot of time online, and miss good career opportunities. Then she shared a few examples of how one can use the Internet to educate herself/himself, to acquire the skills that one might lack to pursue a desired position, to build the network of relevant, meaningful and beneficial online connections and to prepare for the future career. She talked about professional networking, online reputation and collaboration, knowledge search and skill development. She noted that online communication skills are more important than offline skills for the 21st century professionals. However, online personality is as important as real world personality. She also shared her own experience of building an international career, pursuing opportunities of working, living and studying abroad, writing for international blogs and becoming a successful music journalist. She concluded by listing and showcasing a number of skills that one needs to turn blogging into a full-time job.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Margarita!