Parvin Ardalan | IIEDG | October 23, 2018

On October 23rd, 2018 I was invited by Eva Espasa Borràs and Mar Binimelis students from Inter-university Women and Gender Studies Institute (IIEDG) in Barcelona to talk with the students of the master course on gender, women and citizenship under the title “Language, gender and media”. Both Mar and Eva suggested that I should focus the discussion based upon my expertise as a journalist/ feminist activist and upon my current projects. 

Meeting the students was very interesting for me. We were supposed to have a one-hour discussion but it took about two hours also including some short videos about my work in Iran and Sweden, and the relation and connection between to context through activism, journalism with a feminist approach.  

I explained that my specific interest has been on the visibility and invisibility of women’s issues in the broad field with a grassroot perspective. I demonstrated how I as a journalist and an activist with a feminist approach question, criticize and design a social moment in collaboration with a collective, horizontal intersectional methods.  My two-living evidence or examples were “One Million Signature Campaign for Equality” in Iran and the process of “One Hundred Years of Women’s Immigrant Life and Work in Sweden”.

During and after my talk students asked many questions.