Alma Karla Sandoval | PhD Researcher, writer and journalist

Creation is an exercise of absolute freedom. Each author knows that it is an appointment with what he has inside and to get there he needs to host his imagination in a residence tailored to his aspirations. This metaphor is not entirely figurative, but real. Dreams need space, I mean, a locus amoenus of experience where the human shines with the typical and at the same time strange power of the epiphany. That meant FABER for whom this writes, the arrival at a shelter, a trench, a celebration, a ship of creators and activists who resist, but also a laboratory of amazing poetic finds where the verse strain unusually multiplied in the book I came develop. In that sense, a poem about migration in Catalonia and the search for gender equity from an unregulated or patriarchal hypervigilated love practice, found here a landscape that had been denied in other horizons where persecution and sexist misunderstanding are constant dangerous.

Oscar Wilde wrote that life is the art of the encounter, I would add that without an adequate dramatic arena where conversation, knowledge sharing and the rhizomatic possibility of finding several versions of thinking around ideas, it would be impossible for that art to give the center of itself with the beauty of diversity, of the defense of responsible policies and practices that are lianas to cross the rivers of injustice, discrimination, insensitivity, inequality and the precariousness of our time. FABER, as an oasis and shield, as a platform that embraces and receives artists, academics or experts from different fields, also reveals itself as a field of operations where to regain lost humanity and, also, a broken wing.