Luca Calafati and Karel WilliamsInnoBA in Barcelona | 24 January 2019

At InnoBA in Barcelona, on Wednesday 24 January I [Karel Williams] and my co researcher Luca Calafati presented on “Introducing the foundational economy”. The seminar was organised by Oriol Estela Barnet of PEMB who, like Luca and myself, had been part of Faber Residency on local economic development and covered issues we three had discussed at Olot in the previous week. The mixed audience included university teachers and students, with city and regional officers engaged as planners and sponsors of social innovation. The presentation was about how we could collectively focus on ensuring that all citizens had an adequate supply of essential goods and services (like education, health and care, utility services and food). The questions afterwards were varied and searching, especially on the possibility of new metrics like household residual income to replace per capita income. But we all agreed that we did not need generic development recipes for local economic development. Instead we need to sponsor more policy experiments and scale up more successful ones. This is the agenda for a follow up meeting of British and Spanish thinkers and doers which we plan to have in April.