George Belliveau | PhD, Theatre Education

FABER provides a rich opportunity for colleagues to exchange ideas over food while being immersed in a beautiful rural setting. The calmness and natural beauty around Olot inspired me to accomplish a great deal of writing during my time in residence. Stimuli and inspiration emerged from the physical place and the diverse international people gathered. Our group consisted of artists, architects, educators and researchers who for the most part were exploring space and translation, and within those themes we could share our understanding of these concepts from our varying perspectives. The walks, running, and cycling in the area, whether on my own or in small groups, enabled ideas to emerge. The staff (Gavina and Pau) and Director (Francesc) were most helpful in creating the space for us to move forward with our respective work.  The food was very good and access to bicycles and trail maps made everything conducive to being relaxed and productive. Finally, learning about Catalonian history and culture through interactions with Francesc and local residents was a gift I will bring back to Canada. I am very grateful for the opportunity to spend time at FABER and I will share this unique opportunity with many colleagues.