Patricia De Souza | Lluís Castells School (Riudaura) | October 30, 2017

Before going to Lluís Castells school, in Riudaura, was very keen on speaking with bilingual children in a primary school. I think their sensitivity is very open to external stimulus and that it is essential to speak and converse with them.

The surprise has been huge. I say huge because the reactions have been excellent. The students have shown a really unusual concentration and reception capacity. The fact of asking coherent questions, with a clear syntax, although they did not speak in Catalan —their usual language— has been a pleasant surprise. I think that this serves me as a writer and as a pedagogue, confirms that respect and confidence in the abilities of students is essential to encourage learning and communication.

I am very happy to have had this opportunity, since it helps me to know better how school networks, families, and how someone receives from abroad in such a distinguished region of the city. I loved the spontaneous affections of the students.