Alessandra Romeo | Pia School (Olot)| January 16, 2018

The workshop “Olot Imagirari” with children of the Escola Pia started with a presentation about the subject of landscape as presented by the European Landscape Convention. Children participated actively at this first part, adding their comments and observations about all images, most of all those images that were not in line with their own idea of landscape. During those days we had a walk in the area close to the school, I wanted their experiencing some public spaces and the differences of perceptions and feelings that different places can give us. Indeed the second presentation was about Olot and a new way to look at things in the urban space, just the creative way. I asked them to colour and design some maps of Olot and also to think in groups at a Park for the city in one empty area we had visited. They were fully committed in all activities and I think they had a lot of fun!