Clara Nubiola | Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny (Olot) | January 15, 2018

From the Olot Art School, taking advantage of my stay at the Faber Residence Hall, I was invited to present my work to the Illustration and Mural students and do a small drawing workshop in the street.

The talk, which I titled “Illustrated Cartographies. Drawing as a tool of critical thinking”, had as its objective not only to present my projects and my relationship with drawing, but also to pay attention to drawing as a tool for looking, questioning, analyzing and narration of the environment around us. From my projects I explained how, in a casual way, drawing has become my best ally to talk about what I am most interested in: territory, the city, urbanism. After the conference we went for a walk around the city, exploring street drawings, tempos, loss and narration. A very good experience, I hope for everyone.