Caroline Lighthart | Television researcher

Getting up at seven to go for a swim in the pool, having a wonderful breakfast with the other early birds, the exchange of thoughts, going up to my desk in front of the window with the overwhelming view that 100% meets my needs of light and space, the fresh air blowing in from the open terrace door, writing my butt off though it feels like a holiday, going to the mountains to rethink my work, taking a different path every day – in my head, in the fields – coming back to a clean room, silently thanking the woman who takes the effort to do this for me, the Faber people who are there to help in every way, the results of my writing, going for a stroll in the afternoon, maybe to the city centre this time, up to the volcano, enjoying the overview – in heart, head and work – appreciating this gift that was given to me, joining the other writers at the table at eight, being able to eat delicious meals without having to do the grocery shopping, the cooking, the dishes, gathering together in the apartment to listen to a presentation from one of the others, discussing one another’s work, appreciating each other’s minds, hearing background stories about other countries, having an early night to be able to get up at 6.45 the next day to start all over again. But not before diving into the foam of the perfect bath-tub where I leave my day behind.