Mo Sirra | Cor de Maria school (Olot) | January 16, 2018

A long-term campaign to engage officials and general public in the concerned issues of the school. We started the day activity by sharing the school desks by the two groups, tearing A4 papers into 2 pieces writing on the campaign text. The other half A4s were used to do drawing exercise of how to understand space in relation to our spatial performance. The campaign took place through our walk across town centre. Sat on the Cathedral’s steps in rows, every pupil has chosen a page from their books, reading loud the first word, the next pupil read the second word in the page of his/her book and so forth. Then all together read the total pages. At the courtyard pupils were divided into 5 groups due to the limit of the 5 jute twine balls. Each group have tried to outline space within the features of the place using wherever possible objects to tie the twine to. This exercise has generated another at Plaça Campdenmàs; using their bodies to create spaces by wrap jute twine around. At the end of my present intervention I have suggested take these exercises further steps, e.g. the groups perform what they learn in other places, then each pupil do the exercise at home or somewhere else. The outcomes could be set in group presentation to share the experiences and feedback.

Would it be possible to share space without containing the human instinct to line boarders?


“The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think”, Gregory Bateson