Kate Good | Institut Bosc de la Coma (Olot)| November 16, 2017

During my time at Faber, I spoke with two groups of aspiring young scholars at INS Bosc de la Coma. This year, these students will begin an extensive research project, the first of their academic career, which comprises a significant part of their final grade for batxillerat. My talk explained five key steps in developing a research project, including choosing an original topic, identifying sources, writing a thesis, answering the “So what?” question, and doing peer editing. I introduced them to search tools that were new for them, such as Google Scholar, and to some of the many digitalized archives of Catalan press. The students also had the chance to ask me some of their own questions—for instance, how do they evaluate whether or not a source is reputable? This was a fantastic opportunity to talk about academic work in Catalan, which is the primary language of many of my own current literary investigations.