Meera Kachroo | INS Castell d’Estela (Amer) | September 29, 2017

Meera Kachroo visited the high school Castell d’Estela institute in Amer. She presented the senior students will some information about how to understand the circulation and adaptation of one Asian tradition in contemporary western society: modern yoga. Most of the students were familiar with yoga studios and the associated physical practices, and they came to know more about the history and traditional cultural context of yoga. Meera introduced the students to the principles behind traditional Hatha Yoga including discipline, vows, ethics, and salvation, and contrasted this with some aspects of the commercialization and cultural politics of contemporary yoga. The students were very engaged and had a lot of questions to ask about renunciation, meditation, the goals of spiritual life, and about changes affecting religious life in India’s colonial period.