Courtney Carliss Young | INS Castell d’Estela (Amer) | October 26, 2018

I had a wonderful afternoon speaking with approximately 30 students about the various ways that harassment, bullying, and discrimination (both in public and online) are shifting in the era of Trump in the United States.  I am a board member of the non-profit Hollaback, headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, that believes strongly in the idea that each individual should have the right to safely express who they are in public or online without the fear of being retaliated against. Hollaback trains site leaders around the world in this philosophy and have two sites in Spain, one in Barcelona and one in Madrid. I also explained to the students that, in the United States, the four most common things people are harassed online about include gender or gender expression, race, politics and physical appearance. Young people (ages 18-29) are disproportionately affected by online abuse. Street harassment and bullying is also a huge issue and I discussed the ways in which this manifests in the States. Finally, I talked a bit about the ways in which the #metoo movement is shifting how Americans are speaking about are thinking about consent, harassment and bullying. There was one teacher present. It was a wonderful exercise and experience for me in that I was able to understand how American issues and sensibilities around consent, harassment, and bullying translated to an adolescent, European audience.