Josef Horňáček | Assistant Professor at Masaryk University

When I remembering the stay in Olot, it is very kindly and friendly atmosphere what I felt every single day. All of colleagues and managers of the project inspire me in my work and performance for the future. 

So I have met for the first time with cultural phenomena which I have never heard about, impact of Vikings or multicultural Puerto Rico (thank you again, Irene García and José Delannoy). The dicussions were very enriching, charmig, and full of new ideas.

Nevertheless, in our formal and informal talks, I found something new for my point of view on emerging chalenges. It was feeling of common recognition of the values which bind us together across the countries and nations.

In the level of my own research projects: When I came in Olot, I had prepared only few ideas for the presentation about impact on theatre. This ideas were containing in the presentation Theater Activities as an Instrument of Social Inclusion. According to the conclusions of following discussions, I decided spread these ideas on the culture as whole. It leads me now to the new research proposal of Cultural activities as an instruments of social  inclusion. And in addition, the role of subcultures in minorities and among marginalized people.

Well, I mentioned nice people and nice place in Olot. But I must not forget the beautiful nature of Catalonia, its mountains, forrests and rivers.