Susie Hammond | Social Worker and Researcher

My sincere thanks for a professionally productive and personally rewarding experience during Faber’s recent Feminisms residency. It was a privilege to be in residence with such “makers,” women who are making differences globally to humanity through their various foci in society —in the social sciences, education, literature, economics, peace, sustainability and communication. The cross —cultural and cross— generational understanding generated as a result of being in these women’s daily company, and the opportunity to immerse myself in my work and in your host culture at a critical time in Catalonia’s history have expanded my world view. 

I especially would like to acknowledge the support of the hotel staff, your personal administrative, technical and logistical support and exceptional kindness in guiding Sunday outings to nearby places of interest we otherwise would not have had the opportunity to appreciate, and the financial support of the Ajuntament d’Olot and the Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Cultura.