The first residency period at Faber has come to an end. Today the last residents -Erga Netz and Angelina Polonskaia- left Olot; the rest of the residents -Anna Ballbona, Philip Hoare, Noufel Bouzeboudja, Jorge Galán, Satu Ekman- left a few days ago. Because they were the first, because they have supported us in these very first weeks, because they were completely supportive and enthusiastic, we feel that we must thank them for their presence at Faber with this blog piece.

During these four weeks, our residents have shared their daily lives, have answered the media, have taken part in the daily activity of the residency and of the city, have gotten to know the are, and have worked, of course. All the residents came to Faber with a specific project they wanted to work on, and they all have, in their own words, enriched their work thanks to their stay at Faber and their interaction with their Faber mates.

However, the residents not only have been devoted to their work and to interacting with each other. Our residents have also been ambassadors of Faber, attending different activities, press launches and interviews. Moreover, the residents have also found the time to visit the area, walking, running or driving throughout Olot and its county, as can be seen in the picture Finnish translator Satu Ekman took during one of these day trips around Olot.

Erga, Noufel, Satu, Philip, Anna, Angelina and Jorge: today we finally say goodby to all of you, but we are certain that we will meet again soon. Thank you very much for everything and the best of luck!