Erika Ruonakoski | Philosopher

My three weeks at Faber Residency were filled with intense work and numerous inspiring discussions with the other residents. Working at the residency leaves you a lot of choice with how to schedule your days, and each group can fashion their mutual activities quite freely. In the residency period of feminism, we organised round table sessions almost every evening to discuss our work and ideas. I found these informal discussions very fruitful, enjoying being exposed not only to different viewpoints of feminist scholars but also to the work of feminist poets, novelists and translators. For exercise, we went walking in the countryside and its forests and hills that started practically from the backyard of the residency. In this sense, the period at Faber Residency was a combination of solitary work, togetherness with the other residents, and experiencing the Catalonian nature, in particular the magnificent mountains that surround the Olot region and look different every day depending on the weather. I very much appreciated also the warm and welcoming attitude of the Faber staff, and especially Francesc Serés’ hospitality when he took us to many interesting sites in the comarca of Garrotxa.