Marc Saludes | Filmmaker

Taking part in Faber Residence and doing so as a member of SomAtents -a journalistic project- has meant a turning point both personally and professionally. And it has been so because in everyday life in Barcelona it is usual for work-related issues and other commitments to be especially difficult to find quality spaces where you can work, reflect and share different views with other partners as well as other expert voices in New Journalism.

All those times I examined why it seemed so difficult to go deep into the SomAtents project, to clearly see what the next steps should be and what spaces had to occupy, the same answers kept coming to my mind: noise, speed, interruptions, personal issues, full agendas, distance.

Attending the Faber residence turns everything that constitutes a constant effort and struggle into nature. Gathering, thinking, working, relaxing, sharing conversations about the passion for journalism with colleagues of very high professional and human quality. Thanks to Faber, the SomAtents group has been able to reunite and close assembly agreements that we had been working on for almost half a year.

I feel that at Faber I have witnessed the birth of a new media that I feel thrilled about, that represents me and that I identify with. And that would have not been possible without the support of the residence. Thanks to the debates with the rest of the residents, we have had the first impressions and comments that have enriched the project. And not only that, but spaces have been created amongst all the residents who, surely, will become very valuable collaborations.