Gerardo Santos | Journalist, copywriter and video editor

For the second year in a row, my stay at Faber Residency has allowed me to share a unique experience with journalists from all over the world. Not only is it about knowing the projects of the other professionals invited to the stay and explaining oneself, but also knowing how journalism is done in other parts of the world, and compare it with our realities.

The critical look of the rest of the residents enriches the personal projects, brings them a new angle and helps us to answer some basic questions that, as usual as we are at work day after day, we often avoid. Some issues that we know in our homes, in other parts of the world are new, and conversely.

Journalism professionals are used to routines that escape humanly. We pay more attention to the numbers than to the stories, we pay more attention to the clicks than to the people. Wanting to escape from this purely business perspective, 6 years ago a group of young journalists founded the SomAtents community.

After that time, the group has grown up but still continues to wear the clothes of a young student. As the coordinator of the group, my great goal for this year’s stay at Faber was to dress up a new SomAtents. This week in Olot has undoubtedly helped to strengthen the group and lay the foundations for the rebuilding of our common project. We have put together the doubts, fears, desires and illusions of each of the members of SomAtents. Only then, after many hours of debate and work in common, we have succeeded in shaping a new journalistic newsroom. A newsroom that will now begin to walk, and that will do it thanks to the time and facilities that Faber has given us.