Ayu Saraswati | Writer, Associate Professor, PhD researcher

Faber residency is unique as it focuses on a specific theme for a certain period of time, allowing the residents to have productive conversations with others in the field. Although focusing on a theme, the residency was conscious to choose people who work in different fields and disciplinary locations, making the experience an enriching one for sure. For me, the structure of the residency works very well. I came to the residency with a goal of completing one brand new chapter. I left not only with one new chapter completed but also with four other chapters revised! I think this has been the most productive I have ever been in such a short period of time! The independence to work at whatever time you want, the supportive environment of the perfect place to write and think, the surrounding beautiful nature where you can take a walk every day to nourish your soul so you don’t get a writing block, and the prepared meals so you don’t have to worry about food, and the conversations about your work with other residents, made it very easy for me to concentrate on my work. I also very much enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the students in Olot and Barcelona and share my work as they were very enthusiastic, engaged, and asked very thought-provoking questions. Lastly, we were taken to two beautiful field trips to surrounding areas that always made me feel inspired and in awe. I am very grateful for Faber residency and the thoughtful and kind organizers for generously hosting us and doing such an excellent work in making the residency’s experience such a rewarding and smooth one! Thank you, thank you, thank you.