Tania Kolympari | PhD Researcher in Educational Policy and Political Sociology

I came to Faber to develop my project writing up a chapter. The central focus was on how interest groups, such as teacher unions, have influenced the formulation of educational policy on the issue of educational evaluation in Greece. Educational evacuation reform is one of the most intractable and bitterly contested issues on the political agenda, particularly in Greece where since 1982 no teacher evaluation system has actually been implemented in state schools. My work tries to explain the tale of just such a failure.

Arriving to Faber, I was delighted. The surrounding breathtaking nature with sunny mountains of Olot, the supportive atmosphere and especially the friendly staff made it very easy for me to concentrate on my work. Faber offered the perfect setting where I could work undisturbed and in comfort at my own rhythm. The hotel has all the needed facilities for a supportive working place. Taking a simply walk after several hours of writing gave me a lot of positive energy to continue my work. Visiting medieval cities to surrounding’s areas was one of the most valuable experience in my life. The opportunity to interact with other people and discuss my project was another active element. I enjoyed sharing my ideas with residents from different fields of interest. Thanks to Faber’s staff, Francesc, Gavina and Pau, who were always extremely helpful I had been more productive that I have ever been in such a short period of time. Not only I completed the chapter but also I revised two others.